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Triton Sports Basketball Registration - Winter 2023

For the following statements, please acknowledge your agreement of the importance of parent roles and responsibilities as joint partners with Triton Sports - AAJP. Sportsmanship is paramount to student success, and running efficient programming requires everyone to adhere to the agreed-upon pickup schedules.

I understand that my student/child should be picked up no later than 4:45 PM after practices/games. 

  • Students picked up after 4:45 PM will be removed from the active sports roster, after three occurrences.

  • Students that are picked up after 5:00 PM will be removed from the active sports roster. 

  • Students that have been removed from the active sports roster because of late pick ups can be reinstated for a $50 fee.  

***No refunds will be given for students that are moved to the inactive roster for late pick ups.***

Photography & Videography Release Form

During the school year, we take photographs of school activities involving students to share the school's positive vibe and updates. By which incidentally, some photographs may capture your child's participation, directly or indirectly.

These photos may be published through our website, social media pages, news bulletins, billboards, and ads. With this, we seek for your consent in allowing us to publish photos which may involve your child to the said platforms.

Waiver of Liability & Authorization for Emergency Care

  • I consent the above-named student to participate in interscholastic teams or extra-curricular activities for Fall Sports. 

  • I understand that Triton Sports - AAJP cannot accept responsibility for personal items or uniforms that are lost, stolen, or ruined.

  • I release Triton Sports - AAJP and its administrators, directors, and employees from any and all liability from property damage, personal injuries, or other claims arising from or in connection with my student’s participation in extracurricular activities or interscholastic sports at Athlos Academies schools, including claims that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future or contingent.

  • I authorize the Athletic Director, Executive Director, Coach or Sponsor in attendance at any Triton Sports - AAJP activity to select and secure medical attention as may be necessary for my child as a result of an injury or other events requiring emergency care while I/we are not in attendance at such event.

  • I hereby release said school official(s) from any and all liability on account of such selection or authorization for any and all damages which occur on account thereof.

Parent/Guardian Understanding

I understand that participating in interscholastic athletics or extra-curricular activities can be an extremely valuable experience for young people. We at Triton Sports - AAJP make every attempt to employ the finest coaches or sponsors, supply our students with the best equipment and facilities, and provide our participants with opportunities to develop skills and interests in sports and other activities so they may continue at the high school level. However, student participants are exposed to moving objects, stationary objects, various playing surfaces, transportation and other items that can cause injury and/or death. 

This communication is being written so you and your student can understand that there are potential dangers involved while participating in any athletic or extra-curricular program before deciding to become involved in these activities at AAJP.

Registration Fee

This year's athletic registration fee is $105 ($5 processing fee for online payments). This covers the cost of facilities, supplies, transportation, apparel/swag items, and coach stipends. This fee must be paid for each sport within each season (i.e: if a student participates in more than one sport throughout the school year, they must pay $105 for each sport). This fee also goes towards the cost of each student receiving a dry-fit t-shirt tailored to their sport and custom Triton Sports paraphernalia to use during sports and at school. The high-quality t-shirt also doubles as a school uniform!

Coach Medley will only
 accept electronic payments upon submitting your registration form. Full payment must be submitted before your student is allowed to participate in this season's programming. 

Please DO NOT send registration money with students to school for safety reasons

Full refunds are available for all parents within seven days of registration. 

Thanks for registering. Contact Coach Medley ( for any questions or concerns.

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